Monday, October 13, 2008

Wigged Out

I wasn't blessed with a girl. I got two boys and we didn't "keep trying" for a girl.
We all know families with half a dozen of one gender of offspring. Maybe they kept trying.
And yes, they are full of love, perhaps a tad imbalanced, there might be an overwhelmed parent somewhere in the household.
For me, two kids was enough.
I was born with two hands. One each for holding, feeding, disciplining, caressing, changing diapers. Each child got one hand. Made sense to us.
But as a former dancer, boy did I want a girl. If I had a girl, we could dance, and dress up, and play and stuff. Didn't happen.
Until now. I've got a niece! And she is too cute and turning three and I get to play with her and spoil her and read to her and we are good friends.
She seems to be safely transitioning out of an alarming Clara (Nutcracker girl) phase. It seemed long and obsessive. She would sharply correct anyone who addressed her by the name on her birth certificate. "I am Clara!"
And her parents had to act out the other roles, primarily the part where the younger brother, Fritz, breaks her new toy in Act I. To the sad music. Granted, she did just get a new brother, and maybe she was "working stuff out" but maintaining that role for four months, that's a major fraction one's life if they are two-and-a-half. We were kind of worried.
But not anymore. Now, she is Ariel. The Little Mermaid, Ariel. And we sing the song......aaah, ah ah aaaah, and her far away look probably means something other than new sibling stealing toys. Good.
Now for her third birthday, she wants long orange/red hair. Like Ariel. Wavy. Long.
In the world of dance, we would bring in an artiste to create the look in mind, a costumer, a designer, you work together, discuss, play the music, money changes hands, and opening night is fabulous.
But here and now, we simply have the Internet and FedX. One could Google costumes and details and get all sorts of options. All fire retardant, some sleazy. But she wants to be Ariel. And it's my job to deliver. View the option.
I am truly challenged.
Comments welcome.

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