Friday, October 31, 2008

Let The Sugar Flow

OK, today is Halloween, which is all fun and stuff but it marks the official start of Candy Season.

Lets look:

Hallow2een....bag o'sugar! Lot's O Crap enters many households, and lets think about how that advances our intentions of family, fun, fitness. Or not.
Just saying.

November...Thanksgiving...chocolate turkeys (in addition to tons of other stuff). Stuff it.
December...Christmas.. Candy Canes, does anyone ever eat these things? In addition to tons of other stuff that comes our way. It is expected, we face overabundance, we overeat, we over-consume, that's the deal. Let's just know what we are facing. again, or not. looks like a chill month, maybe we all do cleanse stuff.
February.....Uh Oh, heads up. Valentine's Day. Even if we don't have a honey bun, buy pink stuff to move money around.
March.....17th, green! Luck o' the Irish and all that, in your Target isle. No one really is sure what the connection is between St Patrick's day and green stuff, bagels, beer and cheer but we do it. year after year. cheers.
April....Easter! what's that, colorful eggs? cool.
Can we just end the plastic, foil-wrapped sense o' celebration. It really is a Hallmark situation and we can all just have fun without the packaged representation of holidays, festivities, life.
Just saying.
please weigh in.


Rosemary Carstens said...

So true! None of us need all this sugar. Diabetes is on the rise, Americans are fat, fat, fat, our kids are suffering from this focus and so are we. When I was substitute teaching, I was shocked to see how many teachers were using candy as a way to motivate kids to do assignments. Good things to think about--just saying. Rosemary

ClaireWalter said...

I should have read this post before I had ice cream for lunch. It's so warm out -- and I wasn't in the mood for fruit or salad. Shame on me.

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