Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kid Vids....Sharing the Kid's Cuteness

We witness trending YouTube themes.
Not sure how I feel about Roomba-riding kittens .....mesmerizing but perhaps a bit cruel? I don't know, are the kittens enjoying the ride?
But now we get kids!!! Cute kids!!! Just being themselves.
This week's highlights:
"John, did you eat those sprinkles?"
Yet another version of Gangnam Style dance, the first I've seen in a car seat.

These are real. Obviously someone had to snap the cellphone into record mode but the kids are just doing what they do.

Unlike the forced cute variety.

Monday, February 4, 2013

She's Back.....

Where have I been? Don't ask (don't tell either) but here we go again. Mom stuff, life stuff, perhaps some cool tech stuff, certainly ocean stuff and save the universe stuff. And dance, we are doing that again too.
Welcome back.

Artist/Activist Asher Jay creates costumes for my dancers....last week's Blue Beyond Borders event at ACA Galleries in NY. It was fun, three very talented dancers moved like mermaids (and merman) to the mesmerizing music of Garth Stevenson.

All this was to support Dr. Susan Shaw's Marine Environmental Research Institute, a wonderful ocean conservation group that works to study, quantify and hopefully eliminate toxins in our seas.