Monday, December 15, 2008

Print Media Advertising Dollars....Who Is Still In The Game

Ok, this is getting harder (ahem) to ignore. The NYTimes online site is accepting advertising dollars from Russian wife services and hard pharma. As in products you take orally to obtain/retain pleasure. I think I am talking to guys here.
That means that the only source of reliable income are pervy things?
Well that's not totally true. There are still Tiffany ads. But it's the "free shipping" that scares me. Who springs for a swanky rock, lured by the promise of FedEx on the house. Makes no sense.
Who has money left? I know about houses, cars, travel being dying dreams. We finally have to be happy with what we have. Which is good.
But ad dollars? Where are they coming from?
No new phones coming out? DSL service I can't resist? Nothing.
Total retrench mode.
At least my Russian wife will make me feel better. After I take that pill.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What To Give, part 2

There have been so many stories in the media, how to give, how to save.
And many find themselves in a novel setting. Not Dickens. But not like before. We all are revisiting what our values are.
How does that relate to gifting?
I think that anyone who has found their way to this blog is already smart, sensitive.
I feel like I preach to the choir, can I hear a shout?!
But let's just review the basics.
Holidays....warmth, happy.!
I just posted on my Madcap Logic blog priorities for holiday gifting. Really basic stuff but a gentle reminder.....what/who do we care about?
Colorful plastic items that dominate under-tree real estate or.......real deal stuff?
Just think about extending your own values to your family. It matters.
Don't get sucked into media frenzy. Turn off your TV.
Ideas for gifting abound.
Check out New American Dream...they have it right.
Treehugger, go green, keep green.
You get the idea. Go forth and multiply.
Again, any other ideas, post in comments.
It matters. Big time!