Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Michelle swept through town today, rallying college students, people, anyone who hasn't yet registered, (this Monday is the final deadline), and urged relatives, friends, dorm mates, sorority sisters, grandmas, (Sarah Silverman uses grandchild love as currency, yay!) to register, to confirm that one is registered to vote, voting location, mail option, let's set it up right this time.
Michelle was resplendent in a crimson jacket that sung in harmony with her backdrop, a scree of mountains, a US flag, CU Italianate structures, blue sky above flecked with white clouds, a visual reminder that perfect is what we are working for.
"It's a perfect day, it's a perfect setting, it's a perfect crowd, in a perfect month, in a perfect year to elect a perfect president, Barack Obama," she said near the start of her 25-minute speech. "I know in my heart, as I watched this man over the last year and a half, I know in my soul that he will be an extraordinary president."
The near 10,000 crowd ate it up.
They also were stirred by her reminder that working people are hardy souls. Muscle and mind, we are in for a calling to arms, not the kind on the Fitness Channel on TV. This is the real thing.
"Let's start working, because we're going to need you," Michelle Obama said. "We're going to need your prayers, we're going to need your work, we're going to need to you to pray, we're going to need you to work and then after you've worked, pray a little more. And then, after you finished praying, then keep working."
Tired yet?
She also reminded the audience of the humble origins of herself and her mate.
Who knew that Barack and Michelle were still paying off college loans until recently?
"When you don't have the money to pay for your college, you take out these loans, and you come out so mired in debt, As Barack and I did... We just paid off our student loans ... and that's only because Barack wrote two best-selling books."
Yes, we have heard about these, let's all buy a copy.
And support the guy. OK? I can do perfect. Can you?


Verna Wilder said...

Oh, I am SO hoping that Obama and his family make it to the White House! Thank you for this thoughtful post. Yes, I can do perfect!

Anonymous said...

Perfect sounds brilliant! Love the imagery, great posting. We look forward to more mom blog updates.