Saturday, October 25, 2008

Squeeze Em

Around here we try to keep colds at bay early and often. The usual supplies, Kleenex, disinfectant soap are already stockpiled.
But we love our juice!
We buy bags of oranges and grapefruit, whatever is priced well. Our trusty electric juicer sits out on the counter, locked and loaded at all times. We have a Braun, super simple, super strong but there are lots of models out there. Look for the fewest parts possible to make clean-up a snap.
This one appliance is invaluable for instant, fresh Vitamin C in a glass. Mix and match. Try a glass of "blood" oranges, with a tad of pink grapefruit. Or naval orange/Texas Rio Star grapefruit. It all works.
And sometimes we squeeze a few lemons into a glass, add ginger and honey for my Dad's famous Decoction. He turns eighty-seven tomorrow so obviously the stuff works!

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