Sunday, September 14, 2008

And Now For Some Fun

OK, I need to get off the pony political for a minute. Time for some innocent fun.
We are looking at ads, costly ads that are designed to affect our thinking and spending, and sometimes they are downright ridiculous.

Exhibit A: Swanky hotel chain, running a series of crazy print ads. We see exotic, colorful people cavorting in surreal pleasure palaces, being served (always being served!) odd things. What is on this plate? Beautifully arranged nail extensions?
What is that guy next to her? Her date. An amused stranger?
And to his left. Exotic up-do or handbag on head?
And speaking of hair, the waitress just performed in Act II of Giselle?

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Rosemary Carstens said...

Yeah, when you look closely at some of the ads instead of just letting it be room noise while you head into the kitchen for another snack, you do spot some weird stuff. Since I got TIVO, I don't clutter my mind with most of that stuff--I really don't need to know anyone is having intestinal problems with unpleasant symptoms, can't find the right maxi-pad to do a "woman's job," or that Bob Dole or any other man except for the one in MY life is having problems in the bedroom. It's definitely all too much information!
Rosemary Carstens