Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Call To Arms (Legs and Brains Too)

OK, enough already with the Palin stuff. I just got an email from a friend in Chicago, active-O supporter, traveling to key states on weekends to canvass (the systematic initiation of direct contact with a target group of individuals commonly used during political campaigns). She also brought this up as a call to arms, and movement. Many of us are now preaching to our own choirs and this is when action matters most.
"Time is critical, and your help is needed. Given money? Attended events? Circulated e-mails? That’s all great, but how about traveling to a key battleground state and canvassing for the campaign?!"
If you are working towards an Obama victory/presidency, you are probably hooked into this site but if not, go. Join an organized virtual community working towards a common goal. The ultimate Internet Election. Yay!

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