Friday, September 12, 2008

Aw Come On....Tell Me How You Skin 'Em!



Alyce Barry said...

Hey, Viki
I like the term "looming puppet." I don't know if you saw that Lincoln Chafee earlier in the week called her a "cocky wacko." I've been savoring some of the better commentaries on the lunacy at my own blog, which I'm using as a kind of scrapbook so i can find the links more easily later.

ClaireWalter said...

The fact that Palin or individual Alaskan admirers wear fur bothers me a whole lot less than the fact that she supports wolf hunts from the air, polar bear hunts for sport, drilling in the National Wildlife Refuge and other environmentally devastating policies.

The two big winter events in Anchorage are the ceremonial start of the Iditarod (lots of people wear fur) and the Fur Rondy (a corruption of Rendezvous), a 10-day street festival. Lots more fur.

Anchorage and points north are not Boulder, and IMHO, it's important to separate the north-country lifestyle from policies that can harm us all.