Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So Denver was hot today, more crowded, more confused, yet I did get my laminate act together. A little research on events, a little homework to RSVP helps. I guess it takes some effort to sift through the thousands of offerings of all kinds and make a plan. It probably also helps to leave Denver each evening to feed your cat and check your email at your own desk. Or maybe that's just me.
Today, I also connected with fellow blogger, Sara Avant Stover, who invited me into the paradise known as Arianna's Oasis. Oooooooooh.
Different vibe here, man. Welcome, would you like a massage? How bout a smoothie? Not the sugary, fakey fruity kind but little cups of real. Or home-made chocolates? Or a copy of Arianna's book, Fearless, which was on my list of must reads? Or go and stretch over there. We all know LuluMom loves her stretch. Or just a quiet place to sit and catch a wireless signal or not. And music is softly playing. And someone offers you a gorgeous, clean, veggie nibble. And you feel so good.
And the whole point is that we are running around crazy, getting our stuff done, focusing, being good at what we do, and we forget. There is a being inside that needs a little love and care.
And maybe after we get a bit, what happens? We pass it on. We excuse the crowds and fumes and mess because we have reconnected with the good place. Our own.
Thanks, Arianna.

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