Monday, August 4, 2008

Beat The Heat-Boulder, Colorado

Here in the Rockies, the intense heat makes life veer towards simplicity, and fun.
What are they wearing on the avenues of Boulder, Colorado.....actually, the bike paths? Tubes! Bigger is better. The gas station on Broadway and Canyon sells them for ten bucks, you go out back to fill them with the air forewarned, there's a wait on weekends. But chill, cause you will. Just wait.
Trek upstream a few blocks, not far and jump into bracing cold snow melt, water that was just ice not long ago. Shoot down one of the only urban creeks known in the country, floating past parks and grassy glades, amongst frisky Labs and splashing toddlers. But carry little, wear less. Our lass on the left must have lost her flip flops, shoes are necessary to maneuver through boulders and chutes.

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