Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC....It's a Circus!

So patience, my friends.....I got frozen out of "The Big Tent" today.....credential nightmare there, as it is around town. Hundreds of bloggers, along with major media personnel were allotted access to the plush, air-conditioned, free beer, rub shoulders with others tent, sponsored by Digg, Goggle, and lots of other household words. But, not LuluMom. No laminate, no in.
But I'm not bitter, at least not now that I've found the MySpace Cafe, with outlets, and wireless, to upload images from around town.
So all the world seems to have descended upon this funny cow town to see, be seen, and of course get this groovy Obama guy into office as our 44th President.
And through words, costume, banner, truck, bike, people have a lot to say. That's democracy for ya. Anyway, the cops seem pretty chill, people are polite and wonderful, all well.
More later as I upload todays images, and tell you about a wonderful film.

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