Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC, another war room

My journo friend, Amy Brouillette, is posting over at New West, and last night when we saw those Darth Vader-looking troops upping their pace from stroll to trot past us on Fifteenth Street, she took off. Me, I am not a "bullet chaser"....that heroic breed of journalist, writer or shooter, that needs to get as close as possible to the action. The best stuff always comes from that proximity, but when I see flashing lights and swarms of choppers overhead, as I did last night around 7 pm, I just said "meet me back in this alley."
I wasn't even sure if she heard me, she was racing fearlessly along, darting between cars, lens lifted to capture the moment which she certainly did. The whole protester thing ended within a half hour, evidently there was chanting/provoking, cops contained the group. There was some pepper spray, rubber bullets (Ow!), a little stampede action, nothing major. I heard that around a hundred people were detained at the "freedom cages" for a while. Bravo Amy.

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