Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundance....Star Watch

Everywhere, people are star sighting. Yes some people go to view film (more on that later) and some people seem to shop, and eat, and do the sort of things one does in a picturesque mountoun town. But there seems to be a lot of "oh look, who is that" going on.
I shot this while strolling Main, which throbs with "events" and people toting recently claimed swag bags. I saw several clusters of big cameras and crowds focused on individuals. But I couldn't tell you who the individuals were. Sorry, my career as a celeb reporter obviously ends right about now, but I wasn't alone in this mystery. People were asking me "who's that?"
I think the guy above "does soaps." Yeah him, the one in the middle in the black.

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ClaireWalter said...

I couldn't help. I'm the one who's never heard of most of the celebs on the front inside page of "Parade" and "USA Weekend" -- and who never heard of the so-called stars on "Dancing With the Stars," which I've watched all of once but read about constantly. Great PR machine.

Same thing happened to me at the Democratic National Convention. I'd see some TV reporter or anchor walking down the hall and recognize the face but needed help w/ the ID.