Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day Contest

What do you regard as a potent sign of love that has flowed outwards?

We're talking valentine's day cards, birthday cards, condolence cards, poems, emails, Twitters, random posts, love notes, whatever counts as expression of love.

We've all shared. Over-shared.
Share here, if you dare. We keep it all on the low down.
Give us words, sayings, tickles, purrs.

Keep it anonymous. Keep it clean. Keep it coming.


Lara said...

The thing that I enjoy sharing the most, and receiving as well, is pure ENERGY. The breath of life, the power of transformation, the mediation of being.

LuluMom said...

Ahhhhh, energy. that is something one feels long past the chocolate buzz. true energy. good enough to share.
thanks for the reminder, Lara.

ClaireWalter said...

For my part, sweet-smelling roses, chocolate and champagne are sufficient manifestations of the Valentine's Day spirit. I hit the trifecta (again) in '09.

Priscilla said...

Roses always do it for me. My sweetie picked good-smelling ones (what's the use of a rose that doesn't smell sweet?). But the real test of love was what he did with the roses after he brought them home: took out the babies' breath since I'm allergic to it. I found the babies' breath later in the compost box. Now that's love!

LuluMom said...

Babie's breath in compost, true love :-)

and yes, the classics do endure, sweet roses, champagne, chocolate.

Let's hang on to that love feeling throughout the year. yes?