Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sneaky, Snarky!

I just got an email alert, claiming to list chic hotels for under $175 a night. Now I have been around the block (planet Earth) a few times so I wondered where I might find such screaming deals. I mean, this isn't youth hostel pricing, but I don't do that anymore. So $175 for nice is nice, right? And since I am sweating through a week-long spell of over ninety degree days, I could use a break. So where is this list of chic inns for a song?
Sure enough, right in scam city.
I must warn you, this MSNBC site is one slow loading sucker, what with all the ads. Yet a little patience brings up a list of hotels like The Bowery, in NYC that starts at $425, rising steeply from there, The Fasano in Rio, $500, Hotel Screen, Kyoto, starting at $435 a night. That isn't $175, not even near it. What gives?
Oh look, here is La Purificadora, a converted water purification plant, how chic, two hours outside Mexico City. $175 a night.
I think I'll make myself another iced coffee.

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