Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OK, we outgrow many things, bibs being one of them.......except when we eat lobster! What's up with that ritual? When else, when dining out, are we asked to don an item? OK, maybe if you are a man and you show up at some fancy restaurant or country club and they have some stockpile of ties and jackets for poor slobs like you who didn't know about the dining room's dress code......but bibs? Brings to mind the 1920's and spat and top hatted swells would need some sort of protection from their oysters Rockefeller so they wouldn't slop on their finery. They probably had some fine cotton number tied around their neck by the help. But disposable bibs? In this day and age? Granted, it is a messy (yet fun!) affair, cracking and sucking and dipping in drippy melted butter, yum! But what are we protecting? Our message sweatshirts? Do people in Maine wear them? They eat lot's of lobster there.
And do we even care that we look like overgrown kids?

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