Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Iced Coffee

Ooooooh, so hot today. A torrid, evil wind blows, robbing us of energy and shine.
Iced Coffee!
Not just any iced coffee, the iced coffee with coffee ice cubes that someone had the foresight to create yesterday. And the cooled simple syrup that beats Splenda by a mile. And further research tells us that in New Orleans, they don't even heat the coffee. Just combine cool water and ground coffee and let it soak (in the fridge if your house is hot) for a spell. Overnight is good. Then strain it.
The New York Times ran an article with the recipe, and links to devices for sale. You can probably get your hands on a used mayonnaise jar and something to filter it and save $35 but these fancy devices might be worth the price for a steady supply of great iced coffee.

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Eliza said...

Well written article.