Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama Beer

It seems that there is a real fascination with Obama/food.
MSNBC lists some foodies riding the Obama tide.

"D.C. home brewer Sam Chapple-Sokol was inspired to brew a special "InaugurAle" for the occasion called The Audacity of Hops. He asked his father to roast him a special blend of coffee, with beans from Hawaii, Indonesia and Kenya. He then combined the coffee ingredients with Victory malt and Liberty hops."

Gotta love the name.

But months after the Inauguration, and all the tribute treats that were created in his honor, we still find Obama food items.


Alyce Barry said...

What a clever title! Do you suppose they got rights to use the photo?

chandi said...

Obama Sushi and Obama Beer? I had no idea! Wow, have any other US presidents been adulated in this way?

Chandi from Blog Babes... makin' the rounds! ;-)