Saturday, November 29, 2008

What to Give?

So we enter the giving phase.

Around here, we are kind of stuck.
We don't want to go to one of these
dangerous big stores. Designed to extract bucks from our wallets. But we want to gift our loved ones.
What to do?
Keeping a sharp eye out and about.....

Boing Boing has a list of groovy giftings, thanks Cory.
Add Madcap Logic to the list, but really.....good to go.

Big new thaing...Etsy.
People make. People get.
So cool to support real people making real things selling in real time. No creepy oversized shopping carts wielded down enormous long halls of stuff. Real is real.
People create. People buy.

We here haven't done cards in years. Old school. The Internets eliminates the need for stamps, street addresses, etc. You can design your own. Cool sites:
Green is good. We are always looking for interesting newspaper throughout the year, says color/happy. Get your hands on foreign press, stock market, comics, any broadsheet or tabloid-size pages.
Wrap with visuals/color. Match with ribbons/bows.
Don't buy. Dig through existing collections.
You know you have a box somewhere with stuff.....bows, flowers, ribbons, pictures. Dig it out right about now. K?
Let's check in this week.
I want to hear ideas. Tips. Solutions.

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